Sporting Feet are special


Our clinic can advise and assess for sporting activities. We review the type of sport, surface, footwear and assess your biomechanical function and range of motion. We can assist in preventing problems as well as helping you recover from injury and prevent recurrence.

Liaising when needed with physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports massage and consultants we can ensure you are at the top of your game!

An initial biomechanical assessment costs £52 (45 minute) and we will assess and advise a plan. Bring or wear shorts and t-shirt ideally and bring with a range of shoes and trainers so we can advise.

Orthotics and insoles as well as footwear advice and stretching or training exercises may all be used. Orthosis cost ranges from £55 to £350 depending on requirements. Simple insoles or XRD Shock Absorbing layers are in the £8-£45 price range.

Fit Feet for Sports leaflet and Correct Sports Shoes leaflet