Our clinic fees

Podiatry Service Prices

These charts aim to give you a clear idea of treatment charges. Any alteration or alternative treatments would be discussed during your treatment.

Treatment Price £
New Patient Consultation & Treatment (e.g., General Podiatry, Verrucae, Ingrown Nails) 60
New Patient Foot Pain/Musculoskeletal/Orthotic Assessment and Plan 90
General Podiatry Treatment 50
Extended 45 Minute Appointment 75
Regular Nail Cutting (2 Months or Less) 30
Short Appointment (Single Problem or Nail Care) 35
Verruca Follow Up
(+ £15 for Nitrous Oxide Cryotherapy)
Nail Surgery – Partial Nail Ablation (1 Toe, Complete Package) 330
Treatment Price £
New Patient Pedique Toe Nail Replacement 60
One Toenail replacement 50
Two Toenail replacements 80
For men/no varnish additional charge – per nail +10
Podiatry Treatment at same time 45/60mins required +45
Treatment Price £
Initial Assessment and Treatment plan 90
Follow up consultation 50
MLS or MiS One Zone 40
MLS or MiS Two Zones 50
MLS or MiS Three Zones 65
MLS or MiS Four Zones 80
MiS treatment for circulation or neuropathy there is a £10 discount after the 6th treatment per treatment
Treatment out of hours (normal MLS/MiS hours 9am-5pm) +10

The MiS laser is the newer version of the MLS laser and both may used during the treatment.

Six treatments are  required for the full effect of the laser. Treatment is typically 2-3 times in the first week, 2 in second and 1 or 2 in last week. Improvement may take 3 or more sessions. 87% of our recently (December 2023) treated patients found the course of treatment successful – the majority receiving 5-7 treatments.

Treatment Price £
Initial Appointment and Treatment planning 60
In clinic fungal test 45
External laboratory fungal test 70
One foot/hand course of treatment (3 months attending weekly) 270
Two feet/hands course of treatment (3 months attending weekly) 530
Short Appointment for monitoring 35
Surgical nail removal 150
Additional lunula treatment within 3 months of checkup appointments. 0