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Steps in place to provide safe distancing

Coronavirus Information.

To keep in line with the latest government guidelines to avoid unnecessary interactions, the clinic will only be treating patients who have a serious risk of infection, severe pain or skin breakdown if their feet are not treated. We will continue to treat key workers.

For all other cases we advise that you book a Telehealth appointment to discuss how we can help. You may also email us with details and pictures to assist you if times online do not suit.

We have procured patient nail care kits that can be collected or posted and can advise you on their use at home.

As a result of the Telehealth appointment we can arrange an appointment to see you if needed. This may be at the clinic or in your garden.

A&A Podiatrists have increased the length of appointments to increase social distancing and take all reasonable steps to clean the environment. We have masks, visors and gloves and alcohol hand gel.

We have procured some basic sterilised nail care equipment that we can provide to patients to use, and we can guide you remotely through the process. Click here for more information.

Our clinic is closed until 6th April and after this time   we have limited clinics for patients who cannot delay treatment. The measures we have taken at our clinic are listed below.

  1. We have alcohol hand gel at the reception desk for patients to use upon arrival and departure (or ask you wash your hands with soap).
  2. We are frequently spraying surface disinfectant on surfaces that come into contact with the public.
  3. We are alternating the use of the two clinic rooms we have available so ample time is allowed for disinfection to work.
  4. We have spread out the chairs in the waiting room to more than 1 meter apart if you wish and we have removed magazines and toys away.
  5. If you decide to cancel your appointment because of concerns or illness then there will be no charge made – please use the online link to do this on your appointment reminder email.
  6. We have stopped seeing non urgent cases and will try and be as flexible as possible with patients requesting appointments.
  7. We have increased the spacing between appointments by an average of 10 minutes to reduce interaction between patients. Please don’t arrive too early for your appointment!
  8. We have created a 1 hour appointment for at risk patients to allow more time before and after your appointment.
  9. We have the provision to provide Telehealth video consultation and will provide advice and alternative treatments if possible.
20 Years providing Podiatry care to the Radlett and surrounding area

Welcome to Our Clinic

We look forward to taking care of your foot health. The podiatrists and staff at A&A Podiatrists are passionate about raising the profile of this often unloved part of the body.

We as a team work hard to provide thorough, effective treatments to resolve or explain your foot conditions.


Patient Information

It is easy to book an appointment online. There is no need to register or choose a password – find a suitable appointment time and enter your details. You will receive an email confirmation so please check for this.

Our reception staff are very happy to receive your call and can provide some information as well as book your appointment.

For simplicity we have a ‘New Patient Appointment’ appointment type which is generally sufficient for most patients to get the information needed and commence treatment. If it is regarding orthoses then an Initial Appointment for Musculoskeletal Assessment is a 45 minute appointment.

It is helpful to bring with any problem shoes with you or shorts/suitable clothing if we may need to look at your walking style. If you have orthoses you wish to discuss then bring these with too.

Podiatry treatment is not normally covered by standard health insurance although cash back plans such as Simply Health pay back a proportion of the fees and we can provide a pdf or paper receipt for this.
In all cases accounts must be settled at the time of the appointment or full authorisation details must be provided before treatment commences.

Podiatry is a regulated profession. To use the title of Chiropodist or Podiatrist a practitioner must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. The HCPC together with the College of Podiatry ensures the safe and updated standards of its members.

Michael Abrahams (Director) and Craig Barrell (Associate) provide treatments in the clinic in Radlett. Joseph Gaffin provides our home visiting service.

Podiatrists specialise in the care, assessment and treatment of foot conditions and the effects they can have on your body. We are a first port of call for most things foot related. We have the time and expertise to diagnose, explain and instigate a treatment plan as well as to refer to other colleagues as needed.

We take our feet for granted and expect them to carry us for thousands of steps a day, often in unsuitable footwear on a variety of surfaces and activities. When things go wrong it can have a dramatic affect on your mobility and ability. Seek professional advice and make your feet a priority.


Your foot health is important. Key general points are to wash and dry your feet daily making a particular effort to clean and dry between the toes. Ensure toenails are not sharp and are kept short to avoid knocking at the ends of shoes. Apply moisturiser daily to the feet (creams containing 10% urea are usually best). Ensure footwear is held firmly on the foot and is a shape similar to your foot. Ensure that the footwear is suitable for the activity you are undertaking.

We are a private podiatry clinic and cannot provide free or NHS treatments. NHS Podiatry treatments are limited to certain conditions or meeting various criteria and subject to the length of a waiting list.

For urgent conditions we should be able to see you either the same or next day.

We have one space outside the clinic that you can use. Please be patient if it is in use by the previous patient. If your car is large then you will need to park at an angle or parallel to the road to avoid blocking the pavement.

However there are many pay and display places at the bottom of Station Road and Watling Street (free for 30 mins and 70p for an hour). Disabled patients can park anywhere even on residents bays with a valid badge.

A few minutes walk away, the shoppers car park behind Budgens is free for an hour (display a ticket) and up the road on the yellow line on Gills Hill is free except between 2-3pm.

What People Say


Average customer rating on Google

Please take a look below at some of the recent testimonials we have received from our patients.

Image titleImage title
Rash and Blisters on Feet

Michael was excellent at explaining the issues and diagnosing exactly what had happened and what I needed to do to resolve the issue…. perfect professional advice and treatment.

– L B
Image titleImage title
Pedique Nail Replacment

Service was excellent. Very quick solution and Michael is very personable and excellent at what he does

– B I
Image titleImage title
Mortons Neuroma

Efficient, pleasant, good explanations, promise of good after-service

– V H
Image titleImage title
Fungal Nail Laser Treatment (Lunula)

I have my initial appointment and consultation with Michael. He made me feel at ease, was very polite, articulate and wasted no time in performing my assessment and starting treatment. He was very clear in terms of explaining symptoms, defining and explaining the treatment plan which seemed very feel thought through. All in all, excellent experience and very professional service, would highly recommend.

– M G
Image titleImage title
General Podiatry Treatment

Excellent service as always

– A T
Image titleImage title
New Patient Treatment

Friendly welcome as new patient. And excellent treatment from podiatrist, Mr. M. Abrahams. Thank you.

– M S
Image titleImage title
Pedique Nail Replacement

Very efficient. Clean job. Beautiful nail. Michael was very professional. I’m pleased with my new nail.

– B V
Image titleImage title
Emergency Treatment

I was in bad pain and was treated on a Sunday which was so very kind also great advice and amazing knowledge of my problem felt I was with a great Professional who not only knows his stuff but is very kind and understanding excellent experience.

– T B

Our response to providing Podiatry Care during the COVID-19 Crisis

Podiatry is a key profession and podiatric treatment cannot be delayed for many patients without significant consequences. This may include infection, pain, prevention of ulceration and care for patients with diabetes.

Due to the advice to avoid all unessential contact we are providing advice to foot problems remotely in the first instance. Use the online links below or complete the contact form to use our Telehealth system. We have also procured some basic podiatry instrument sets for patient use which we can arrange delivery or collection and can talk you through the process.

Nail clippers, blacks file for cleaning and emery board [£8 plus postage if required]
Foot Rasp for hard skin and heels [£5 plus postage if required]
This  instrument set is individually packed and sterilised and double wrapped. They are manufactured for single use  however  in the home environment they can be used a few times. It contains a set of nail clippers, a blacks file which can clean and file the sides of nail and a large emery board for filing nails. If you have hard skin, we can sell a foot file.  Our range of CCS foot cream should be used daily to keep skin soft.

We anticipate restoring appointments for patients that can’t delay treatment from the 6th April in the meantime appointments may be arranged at in your garden/at the clinic on a case by case basis.

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