Lunula Information for Existing Patients

What is Included in my treatment?

Our standard treatment plan covers a three month period of treatment. We typically advise weekly treatments with the Lunula laser for the first 8 weeks if you are able. After this we suggest booking in a review and then we suggest continuation of weekly treatments if able and convenient or two consecutive weeks of treatment in a 4-6 week period to support the growth of the new nail.  It can take several months for the nail to grow up so we suggest continuation of treatment whilst this takes place.

How do I book appointments?

We are able to offer a flexible treatment approach with the Lunula laser due to the fact that you do not need an appointment with the podiatrist to use it. The laser is in a treatment room or reception depending on the time of your appointment and room availability. As long as there is a clinic in session then you are able to use the Lunula laser.

You may book appointments in person – many find it easier to book the same slot each week to establish a routine. You can also book an appointment through the website using the book online link above. There is a section for “Laser continuation sessions for fungal nail treatment” and you can select a Lunula review, one foot or both feet lunula session appointments. If you are unable to find the perfect time online then please telephone (01923856235) or email ( since our receptionist is often able to accommodate out of hours availability easier than online in some cases.



What happens during an appointment for Lunula?

The lunula treatments take 12 mins per foot and are advised weekly (twice weekly in severe cases at the start of treatment). We will show you how to use the laser though normally a receptionist or podiatrist will be around during your treatment.

You are usually with us for about 25 minutes for the treatment. We will normally see you as soon as you arrive and many patients are a little early or late and it rarely makes any difference because of the flexibility we have between appointments.

We do ask that you avoid parking on the clinic forecourt because we only have one space and we keep this for patients with an appointment with the podiatrist, especially with mobility issues . Two patients attempting to park at the same time could result in a patient with a timed appointment with the podiatrist being delayed parking resulting in the late running of all subsequent appointments.

Free parking is available behind Budgens for one hour if you display a ticket, up the road on Gills Hill on the yellow line past the residents bays except between 2-3pm and on any pay and display bay on the main Watling Street or start of Station Road if you display a free ticket from the machine (35 mins free).


We suggest using a variety of antifungal products over the entire foot certainly at the commencement of treatment. Terbinafine 1% cream applied twice daily for 2 weeks is a good start, this can be followed by Canestan or Daktarin cream once the terbinafine is finished.

Washing and drying the feet well is important as well as wearing flip flops or similar in changing rooms.

Athletes foot / Tinea Pedis Treatment / Preventative Treatment

Your Podiatrist would have diagnosed a fungal skin infection and advised a suitable treatment. Click here for information about treatment.