Pedique Toe Nail Replacement

A safe and effective solution for damaged, unsightly, or deformed toenails.


Pedique Cosmetic Toenail Replacement transforms the appearance of your toenails, providing an instant cosmetic improvement. This specialized gel creates a durable, natural-looking prosthetic that bonds to your existing nail. Perfect for:

  • Damaged or deformed nails
  • Fungal infections
  • Traumatised toenails
  • Nails that refuse to grow

How Does Pedique Work?

  • Prepping the nail: We carefully prepare your existing nail.
  • Applying the gel: Our skilled technician applies the Pedique gel, sculpting it for a seamless fit.
  • Instant results: The nail instantly hardens, and you can immediately apply nail polish.

Pedique vs. Salon Nails

Pedique offers significant advantages over salon acrylics:

  • Designed for feet: The flexible formula is less prone to cracking in shoes.
  • Protects your nails: It inhibits fungal growth and acts as a protective cover.
  • No damage: Unlike harsh acrylics, Pedique is gentle on your natural nails.

Who is Pedique Suitable For?

Pedique is ideal if you have an existing nail and are experiencing:

  • Loose or lifted nails
  • Thick or fungal nails
  • Damage from trauma (sports injuries, tight shoes, etc.)
  • Embarrassment due to the shape or size of your nail

Who is Pedique not Suitable For?

Pedique is not for everyone:

    • Healthy nails that are recently damaged that will just need to grow out
      • If you must have a pedique on it for cosmetic purposes then for the shortest amount of time
      • Ensure you keep it clean and short if it grows, avoid further trauma
    • If you have no toenail at all, there are no treatments we are aware of
    • Pedique won’t fix the nail underneath though it will push the skin down if it is bulbous.
    • If you live far away understand that the pedique is not a permanent fix and will grow out as your nail shifts.
    • Accept that if the pedique nail comes away earlier than anticipated or grows thick (due to your own nail growing upwards or skewed) you would have to return for it to be replaced, filed or removed. No refunds  are given.

Watch a nail being constructed here:


Pedique on men

The Pedique can be applied to mens nails too though they are not usually covered with varnish making it look less natural. We will do our best to mix the colour to try and match. It tends to look better than a discoloured infected nail and also seals the nail.

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