Muskuloskeletal assessment and MAT technology

MAT Assessment method  uses a dynamic and reproducible approach to assessment. The specially designed mat allows a series of tests to be performed that assess flexibility, strength, coordination and control. This together with the consultation, computerised gait analysis, static measurements and training methods allows for a personalised and evidenced based treatment plan. This may include exercises, orthoses or insoles, training improvements and flexibility training. 

One advantage is the ability to monitor more accurately progress over time and adjust the plan – this is crucial to optimising function, eliminating pain and reducing the chance of reinjury.

We provide a link to the MAT Pro App to enable us to send you a customised exercise and rehabilitation plan to you to use. It enables us to communicate with you directly about your progress and you can see how you’re progressing. Nearly 75% of patients never do their exercises and this app allows us to make it easier for you to do them. The MAT in use allows a full range of tests and comparisons to be made and monitored over time. Many foot and lower limb problems are as a result of imbalances and weaknesses. Orthoses are very good at holding and supporting the foot, however we want to ensure that whats above the foot is working at its optimum too!