Specialist Podiatry Treatments

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We are a podiatry clinic based in Radlett, Herts. Michael Abrahams is the Director and Clinical Lead and provides the specialist treatments described in the Jewish News Advert and editorial. He has been in practice for 22 years and the clinic has been in its present location for more than 19 years.


Information on both the pedique and MAT treatments can be found here – as well as links to book online. You can also call to discuss any queries you may have, though with the pedique it is often easier to email us a picture of your nail/s and we can advise from there.


Click HERE for more information on: Pedique Cosmetic Toenail Replacement

The Pedique toenail replacement is a cosmetic improvement to damaged and unsightly toenails. Click on the title above to see more information. It could also be described as a prosthetic nail replacement or gel nail. The above link will allow you to see more information, a few more pictures and also a video of the construction. It differs from those acrylics from a salon initially because the nail can be thinned and cleaned more effectively and also becasue the gel is designed for the toes so is slightly flexible when compressed in shoes and also contains antifungal elements.



First appointment after pedique (no nail varnish)



Click HERE for more information on Musculoskeletal assessment using MAT Methods

Please use the above link to find out more about how A&A Podiatrists undertake a musculoskeletal assessment of the foot and lower limb. This is used when patients have foot pains, lower limb injury or pain or are having issues with sports. The MAT is a specially de


signed mat to allow the measurement of functional tests to assess movement and strength and balance of the system. It enables us to provide a strength or stretching plan to address underlying weakness or imbalance as well as consider the need for foot inserts or orthoses.

The consultation, gait analysis which may also include computerised pressure and force measurements, static measurements and training methods allows for a personalised and evidenced based treatment plan.

One advantage is the ability to monitor more accurately progress over time and adjust the plan – this is crucial to optimising function, eliminating pain and reducing the chance of reinjury.

Michael Abrahams provides a range of treatments from Podiatry/Chiropody treatments removing hard skin and callous to make your feet soft and smooth to more specialist treatments such as ingrown nail surgery, gait assessment and treatments for leg and foot pains. You can view our entire website and book appointments using the links above. We can normally provide an appointment within 2 weeks.