General Services

Nail Care

We provide regular nail cutting only treatments for who need help with this simple but important task.

Emergency Treatment

We can deal with acute ingrown toenails, painful nails, sore corns and cracks.

Podiatric Care

We provide a range of podiatric services to care for your familys footcare needs from childhood into adulthood to older age!

General Chiropody / Podiatry

We provide traditional chiropody treatments to cut nails, remove hard skin and corns and improve foot comfort and appearence.


As well as regular treatment we provide an annual review serice to assess circulation and nerves as well as a complete foot risk assessment and education.

Elderly Care

Older patients may need special care with their feet due to reduced mobility, eyesight or ability. Medical conditions such as dementia and Parkinsons can affect foot care and understanding and we are sensitive to patients and carers needs.

Gait Assessment

We can assess your stance, posture, gait and lower limb function to determine how it causes foot pain or injury.

Cosmetic Treatment

Pedique nail replacement is an excellent way of masking a damaged toenail. Once bonded and moulded onto the damaged nail it looks indistinguishable (especially with nail varnish on the nails).

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

We provide surgical removal of the side of the toenail (Partial Nail Ablation) to those who suffer from long-standing ingrown nails or have an acute ocurrence.

Children’s feet

Education and advice for growing feet. Nail care, assessment for orthoses for flat feet and the common verruca!