Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Information.

All patients can be treated from 1st June 2020 provided you are symptom free. The clinic is adherent to social distancing and has a disinfection routine and required PPE.

The measures we have taken at our clinic are listed below.

  1. We have alcohol hand gel at the reception desk for patients to use upon arrival and departure (or ask you wash your hands with soap).
  2. We are spraying surface disinfectant on surfaces that come into contact with the public including door handles.
  3. We have spread out the chairs in the waiting room and removed magazines and toys.
  4. We will not charge for missed appointments due to COVOD related concerns.
  5. We have increased the spacing between appointments by an average of 10-15 minutes to reduce interaction between consecutive patients. Please don’t arrive early for your appointment.
  6. We have the provision to provide Telehealth video consultation and will provide advice and alternative treatments if possible.
  7. We offer contactless payments, BACS, online or cover keypad with film.